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The aim of Risino is to revolutionize the provenance, protection, and trading of fine art by breaking down the barriers which have kept the industry insulated from the technological advancements that have transformed other markets such as company stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.


Risino intends on becoming the world’s preeminent service for providing high income return on rare Chinese antiques; ultimately fashioning a new ecology raised of a collaboration between blockchain technology and the fine arts market. This will involve further development of the platform from initially being b2p to enable p2p functionality.

The first year of operation will be focused on rapidly developing the market, evolving multiple revenue streams, and building brand awareness and loyal subscribers. To this end, Risino has ambitions of using its various partnerships to orchestrate large-scale events and exhibitions to display its titanic collection at dozens of the most celebrated institutions around the globe.

Artist Li Mu`s work


Risino is excited to announce a newly formed relationship with celebrated contemporary Chinese artist `Mr Li Mu`, whose paintings of landscape and wildlife have been widely acclaimed in the art world.

 Li Mu`s fusion of ancient and modern styles has helped him develop a unique visual style that is both original and also reflective of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Li Mu wishes to encapsulate.

We look forward to hosting Li Mu as a VIP guest  at our planned art exhibitions around the globe.

Risino Gallery


  Risino boasts its own art gallery in Shanghai which displays a rotating selection of some of the rarest and most valuable fine Chinese art on the planet.  

Cutting edge display cabinets protect the antiques, which consist of various mediums, such as calligraphy, painting, ceramics, bronzes, carvings, furniture and others.   

The collection represents some of China’s most captivating Dynasties, such as Ming, Qing, Song, and Zhou, and the unique artistic styles, methodologies and subcultures, birthed of those time periods.

Our master Sculptor Master Chen Dapeng

As one of the series events in the first UK-China Year of cultural  exchange, Master Chen Dapeng, a renowned Chinese sculptor held an  exhibition in London from November 2nd to 12th 

art from the 2018 hong kong asian art biennial

Asia Pacific Art Biennial Exhibition


Planned Exhibitions

Hong Kong January 1st - 4th 2020

Asia Pacific Art Biennial Exhibition

All day

Venue: Hong Kong Central Library

+ Event Details

Hong Kong January 1st - 4th 2020

Asia Pacific Art Biennial Exhibition


All day

Venue: Hong Kong Central Library




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Shanghai AFL


Risino are proud to announce we are sponsoring the AFL game Port Adelaide v St Kilda, being held on June 2nd at the Jiangwan Stadium, Shanghai.

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